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Sharing the natural wonders of Mt. Fuji with Japan and the world

We want to share the natural blessings of our very own Mt. Fuji, the largest mountain in Japan.
We offer a range of products inspired by Mt. Fuji, including Mt. Fuji Shizuku natural spring water and Mt. Fuji Omotenashi thermal spring water.
Our products are made with care and attention in accordance with stringent quality control standards.
Feel the dedication and enthusiasm in each and every product!



What we do

Sohten represents a unique presence in the marketplace.
The company was founded in 2010 with a mission to share the natural blessings of Mt. Fuji with a wider audience.
We supply domestic and overseas markets with a range of quality mineral water and carbonated beverage products
from our dedicated bottling facility as well as ancillary services such as bottling and filling machines and consulting on factory design.


Safe and secure

Sohten Souten is located at the northern foot of Mt. Fuji and is sampling and manufacturing at a plant at an altitude of about 1,000m.
As a result, safe and secure natural water is sampled, which is extremely low concentration of nitrate nitrogen, which is an indicator of groundwater contamination.

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Photos around the factory

The surrounding area of Soten\'s factory is surrounded by nature.

Water quality

Oshino Hakkai is a popular tourist destination located in the village of Oshino, just 3 km west of the Sohten bottling factory. It features eight natural springs fed by pure rainwater and snow melt from the base of Mt. Fuji.

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Company Profile

Sohten Co., Ltd.
1099-116 Yamanaka,Yamanakako-mura,Minamitsuru-gun,Yamanashi
401-0501 Japan
TEL. 0555-84-7482
FAX. 0555-84-7483

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